DELTASEC – Drying Agent
Animal well-being improves overall results
55 lbs. bag
Composition :
Ingredients from mineral origin, Ingredients from vegetal origin, Ingredients from marine origin, Yucca Schidigera extracts, Essential oils
Top ranked drying powder on the market for its high-absorbing properties.
More than 42 fl. oz. of water are absorbed per lb. of product !
Drying of newborn piglets:
- Enhances feeling of well-being
- Quicker healing time for umbilical cord
- Faster colostrum intake

Thanks to its absorption capacity, DELTASEC lasts longer on the duckboards, gratings or pens.

Sow : 50 g per day behind the sow and in the farrowing area.For easier cleaning !
Gilt :70 g per day for straw or sawdust bedding.
Farrowing : SSpread Deltasec in the pen and on heat mats before farrowing. Deltasec is especially designed for application to surfaces that newborn piglets touch immediately just after the birth.
Reduction of mastitis risks and bacterial contamination through the udder.
A drier bedding reduces the bacterial risk.

Kept in shed :300 g per cow 3 times per week.
Box : 130 g per calf per day.
Breeding calf : 80 g per m² 3 times per week.
The warrantee of a longer soft and dry bedding :
- Decrease of bedding deterioration around drinking places and where birds are used to gathering together (near walls for example)
- Better control of beddings temperatures (under 30°C)

Turkey: 40 g per m² twice per week from 2nd ro 10th week.
Broiler : 40 g per m² twice per week from 2nd to 5th week.
Ducks :
- on straw : 50 g per m² every day from 1st to 12th week.
- on duckboards : 30 g per m² every day from 1st to 12th week.
Loose box: ABefore bedding renewing, 2/3 kg of Deltasec. Then, in maintenance and before bedding aerage, spread 1 kg of Deltasec twice per week according to the bedding moisture.
Sheep and Goat :
Sheepfold : : 50 g per m² twice per week.
DELTASEC in a few tests and trials
- Ph level : 1st (origin of the tests: USA)

- Capacity to purify atmosphere in livestock houses : 1st (origin of the trials: France - Denmark - USA)

- Test of the petri-dish at 85% of relative humidity : 1st (origin of this test: Thailand – Korea).
Goal : to estimate the capacity of the product to resist to room humidity. Deltasec is twice less sensitive to air humidity than the product in 2nd position.

- Absorption capacity : superior to 250% 1st (origin of the trials: France - USA - Spain - Germany). Level of the 2nd product: 72%

- Capacity to stay on the floor (duckboards / gratings) : 1st. Stays the longest (origin of the trials: France – Spain – Poland)

- Sanitizing properties : 1st. 2nd (origin of the trials: France - USA).