5 ranges dedicated to
animals health & welfare

As part of a respectful approach of animal and environment protection, our ranges are serving one of our
stronger ambitions : to contribute to a better human being nutrition.

The 100% natural range dedicated to demedication management :

Natural defences support

Antibiotic resistance reduction

100% natural

The range dedicated to digestive flora

Improves digestion

Positive colonisation in the digestive tract

Helps to maintain intestinal balance

The 100% customizable range of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements :

Private brand tailoring

Price offer within 24 hours

Formulation study within 3 weeks

The range dedicated to external parasites management :

Effectively protects against parasites

Natural solution

Quick vitality recovery

The range dedicated to litters and effluents management :

Improves breeding buildings environment

Facilitates manures management

Contributes to animals’ welfare and comfort