The 100% natural range dedicated to demedication management

At ALPHATECH, we believe that metabolism balance is at the heart of animal welfare. Acting as natural physiological activator, TONIFARM range acts on animals’ ability to stay healthy all along their growth and to be physiologically reactive in case of imbalance or external aggression.

Made from plants extracts, TONIFARM products are an answer to the worldwide issue about antimicrobial resistance. Solutions come from nature; we get the essential to help animals to improve their ability to defend themselves. And at ALPHATECH, we all believe it since more than 16 years.

R&D at the heart of our product

At ALPHATECH, 3 persons are dedicated to research and development.

Their knowledge on breeding environment are a precious advantage and allows us to offer our customers more and more alternative solutions.
Each new project is the subject of a development in close cooperation with our experimental farm BEL ORIENT located in Morbihan, close to our place.

16 years of tested and approved solutions

Once internally validated, our products are tested on farm because farmers live farming every day. This lasts since 16 years as we attach great importance to make our distributors and farmers know they use products tested and approved by the profession.

Solutions come from nature,
Tonifarm gets the best from it

A global approach through targeted specific solutions

Nowadays breeding is submitted to more and more important constraints and performance research became a daily necessity. A weakened animal is more sensitive to viral passages and environment changes and cannot express all its genetic potential.

TONIFARM products active plants extracts contribute to manage breeding
men and animals are facing. Real boosters, they bring a targeted and natural answer to several critical breeding phases.

Raising healthy animals is the guarantee of longevity and better profitability

Our field trials, proof of performance

The last step before bringing a product to the market once it is technically validated by farmers is to determine the product’s return on investment.

The product is then used in real breeding conditions and in different kind of farms. We market the product only if it has proven efficacy and if it is profitable for the farmer. This functioning is essential for us since it is guaranteeing our products, distributors and farmers performance.
This is how we create performance.