Our quality commitment

FCA certification

Since 2007, we are FCA (Feed Chain Alliance) certified, an international certification dedicated to the quality and safety of animal feed. Consequences on our activity : several audits per year, and a strict suppliers selection policy.

AEO certification

As for the FCA certification, ALPHATECH was one of the first Breton companies to get AEO certification (Authorised Economic Operator). This certification simplifies and secures our international flows with Customs Authorities.
It enables ALPHATECH to establish a trustful relationship with customs administration, becoming our partner, as well as with all countries signatory of international agreements recognising AEO statement.

ECOCERT certification

With Ecocert, ALPHATECH commits into adopting responsible practices. All our Ecocert marked products are allowed to be used in organic farming. A very rigorous process is established : audit on production practices and inputs, full administrative and financial control, inspection of sites, analysis of risks, sampling and annual surveillance audits.

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